Our team relies on core players to beat Sirens

The match against Sirens was certainly not a reassuring pointer for our team as it exposed our total dependence on core players to ensure that results come our way.

Captain Niki Lanzon, Michele Stellini (two goals each) and a hat-trick each from Clint Mecieca and Jordan Camilleri set our minds at rest before definite dismissals of Stellini and Camilleri later in the game had the team keeping our opponents at an arm’s length after we had led by six goals on three occasions.

The session that mattered was the second which we won 5-1 to stretch our lead to 8-2.

Then some casual play and a spirited reaction by Sirens helped the Northerners restore respectability in the final scoreline as they managed to finish only three goals adrift on 11-8.

The match showed that it is necessary for our team to up their game against stiffer opposition when some fringe players are forced to perform at certain moments.