Neptunes outplay Sirens

Adapted from The Times report by Alex Vella

Neptunes Emirates did not have to sweat unduly to overcome Sirens and the 17-5 scoreline underlined their ascendancy over opponents who showed clear deficiencies in the face of execution, especially on man-ups.

The outcome was an easy stroll for the Balluta Bay team who have now made practically sure of top position in their group.

Although contriving a slow start, the Reds took a three-goal lead in the opening quarter as they exploited the quick-silver finishing of Steven Camilleri, Vladimir Gojkovic and Tamas Molnar.

Neptunes’ edge was still evident in the next session especially with their ability to unmark themselves in the restricted five-metre area.
Molnar was the chief exponent here as was S. Camilleri, even if the latter was not in full overdrive mode.

An 8-3 lead was built by the time ends were changed. That advantage was extended to 12-4 by the end of the next eight-minute period as the champions, with most of their big men in the water, kept up the upperhand.

Neptunes still held a firm grip in the last session which they won 5-1 for a final comfortable victory with S. Camilleri again topping the scorers’ list.

Most of Neptunes’ goals were conspicuous for the spectacular manner in which they were scored, notably those from Niki Lanzon, Steven Camilleri, Jordan Camilleri and Michele Stellini. Also well-taken were those from Edward Aquilina and Sean Gravina, not to mention Vlado Gojkovic’s and Tamas Molnar’s respective strikes.

Indeed they were a pleasure to watch.

Game Summaries
San Giljan 15 
- Marsascala 10
(5-1, 4-4, 2-3, 4-2)
San Ġiljan: D. Camilleri, J.C. Cutajar, N. Sutic 6, K. Galea 3, F. Trajkovic 2, K. Dowling, L. Grixti, A. Bianchi 2, M. Borg Spiteri, C. Gialanze, P. Fava 2, A. Galea, K. Schembri.
Marsascala: S. Farrugia, C. Spiteri de Barro 1, D. Caruana, Mil. Koralji 3, M. Pace, E. Arrigo, J. Licari 2, J. Cremona, S. Micallef, R. Scerri 2, D. Cassar, O. Zammit, Mih. Koralji 2.
Referees: M. Angilleri, P. Balzan.

Sirens 5
 – Neptunes 17
(0-3, 3-5, 1-4, 1-5)
Sirens: J. Sammut, A. Attard, P. Micallef, P. Borg, B. Nyeki 1, R. Mock, J. Borg, D. Cutajar, P. Zimonjic 2, C. Zammit 2, L. Caruana, D. Zammit, C. Mercieca.
Neptunes: I. Bugeja, N. Lanzon 2, E. Aquilina 1, M. Stellini 2, J. Camilleri 1, Z. Mizzi, S. Camilleri 5, V. Gojkovic 2, G. Pace, S. Gravina 1, R. Sciortino, T. Molnar 3, B. Lanzon.
Referees: R. Spiteri, A. DeRaffaele.