Grimaldi Group sponsorship presentation

Grimaldi Group will be supporting Neptunes Waterpolo & Swimming Club for the national waterpolo season 2014.

Mr. Ernest Sullivan, Managing Director acting on behalf of Grimaldi Group signed the sponsorship agreement with Mr. Matthew Bonello as President Neptunes WPSC.

Grimaldi Group has a long standing business and family relationship with the Maltese Islands and the support to Neptunes WPSC was another step to support local sports initiatives.

Mr Ernest Sullivan said “ Neptunes were always a natural choice for me since I was a youngster, hence signing this agreement today, is further proof of my  support for this prestigeous waterpolo club”. Mr. Sullivan took the opportunity to wish Mr Bonello, all the Committee and the players, the best of success during the 2014 waterpolo championship and knock-out competitions and augured further collaboration during the coming years under the name of NEPTUNES GRIMALDI

Matthew Bonello, President of Neptunes WPSC, whilst thanking Mr. Sullivan and Grimaldi Group for the valuable support, said “ Over the years, Neptunes have always been supported by companies of international standing and repute, and we are very proud to now be associated with a prestigious name like that of Grimaldi. We are grateful for their valuable support, and look forward to another successful season, in which Neptunes will be bidding to set a new record in local Waterpolo by winning five consecutive championships”.