Outstanding goals only bright feature in a quiet match

Marsascala 7 – 
Neptunes 19
(2-4, 1-4, 2-5, 2-6)

As expected the match between Neptunes Emirates and Marsascala developed into a monologue with the Reds having a field day, netting almost at will despite some rustiness.

With useful foreigners in their squad, amongst whom Samoan Joseph Kayes, the southerners tried their best to make a game of it.

However, the destination of spoils had never been in question although constant rotation of his manjack by Sergei Markoch dented Neptunes’ maximum potential strength.

Feature of the game were the eight goals scored by the Camilleri brothers Steven (5) and Jordan (4) with a couple from the former, including a thundering back-hand, bringing the house down.

MARSASCALA: K. Schembri, K. Navarro, M. Pace, B. Muscat, J. Kayes 2, L. Grixti, J. Licari 1, J. Cremona 1, S. Micallef, R. Scerri 1, D. Cassar, M. Fenech, J. Szolt 2.

NEPTUNES: R. Sciortino, N. Lanzon 1, E. Aquilina 2, M. Stellini 3, B. Lanzon, A. Ciric 2, S. Camilleri 5, J. Camilleri 3, G. Pace 1, S. Gravina 1, I. Bugeja, T. Molnar 1, C. Mercieca.

Refs: M. Angileri, P. Giordano.