Basic Coaching Course

Swimming and Water Polo

Organised by the Aquatic Sport Association of Malta

ASA of Malta Basic Certificate for Coaching Swimming and Water Polo

This qualification is targeting people who would like to teach/coach swimming and/or water polo to young participants.


1. Title

Basic Certificate for Coaching Swimming and/or Water Polo (focussing mainly on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Stages 1 and 2)

2. Objectives

Although water polo has been the main aquatic sport for quite some years, swimming in Malta has been booming during the past 2 decades. However, few are the qualified swimming instructors, mainly because there is no coaching education programme in Malta. It is hoped that this course will pave the way for the ASA of Malta to standardise and regulate coaching swimming and water polo and to create a full coaching education programme in the long term.

3. Recognition

This course will be recognised by the ASA of Malta and will entitle the holder of the certificate to apply for the ASA of Malta Coaching Licence C (on presentation of a valid first aid/life saving certificate)

4. Pre-Requisite

Candidates must be at least 18 years of age by December 31, 2011. (Participants who will be 17 by the end of Dec 2011 will be allowed to follow the course but not to apply for the coaching Licences)

5. Course Content

The Basic Certificate for Coaching Swimming and/or Water Polo is an all inclusive qualification and is the first formally assessed qualification on the coaching qualifications continuum. Part 1 will be the (formally assessed) common core to both swimming and water polo and will include Coaching Philosophy and Leadership, Socio-psychological perspective of coaching, conditioning and nutrition. Part 2 will focus on teaching and coaching the technical aspect of swimming and/or Water Polo and on practical skills that will help the participant develop better ways to plan and deliver the sessions.

6. Format, Length and assessment of the Course

Part 1 will be the common theoretical core for both swimming and water polo courses and will include 21 hours of theory followed by a test which will carry 40% of the total mark.

Part 2 will be either specific to swimming or water polo. The swimming course will consist of 16 hours of theory and at least 4 hours of practical for each participant. The theoretical part will be assessed by a written test, carrying 20% of the total mark and the practical, which carries 40% of the total mark, will be assessed through observation and discussing the sessions. The practical assessment also includes the preparation of at least 4 progressive lesson plans with a self-evaluation form that needs to be handed in after each practical session.

The water polo course will run on the same format.

Pass mark is 60% overall (including Parts 1 and 2)

Both swimming and water polo Part 2 courses will be organised between June and July 2011.

Only participants who attend at least 6 out of the 8 sessions will be allowed to sit for the tests.

All registrations need to be settled before Monday, April 4, 2011.

Part 3 will be the First Aid course. Courses will be organised at the ASA of Malta offices at the National Pool. Holders of a valid first aid course needs to show valid certificate on applying for the course. Courses will be organised at the ASA according to the demand (at least 10 participants) and are usually held over 5 evenings

7. Progression

Successful participants would be able to teach small groups of swimmers (not more than 8) preferably assisted by or assisting more experienced swimming teachers. They would be able to plan and deliver swimming lessons to LTAD Stage 1 and 2 swimmers. This certificate would also enable them to apply for the ASA of Malta Coaching Licence C. Holders of the University of Malta Foundations in Coaching certificate and Qualified Physical Education teachers would be eligible to apply for Licence B on completion of Parts 2 and 3 of this course.

8. Registration, application forms and fees

• Candidates need to register by submitting the application form provided and full registration fees to the ASA of Malta, National Pool Complex, Maria Tereza Spinelli Street, Gzira, Malta. Registration forms may be posted to the ASA of Malta (address above) or brought to the office on weekdays from 10.00 am till 3pm and from 6.00 till 7.00pm

• Part 1 costs €80, Part 2 costs €80 and Part 3 costs €40 (or €43 for dual certification)

• Any relevant certificates need to be attached

• Closing date: Monday, April 4 , 2011