Neptunes seal bonanza season on all fronts

The year 2012 turned out to be yet another successful chapter in our club’s chequered annals.

As if the championship and knock-out waterpolo prizes we won in the main summer season as well as top-scorers and individual honours were not enough, our strong swimming team wrapped up the 2011-2012 swimming cycle by sweeping almost all individual honours and also landing the team prize, surpassing Sliema and the other clubs by more than a mile.

Neptunes have been dominating the swimming scene, winning the club aggregate league shield every year since its inception, while most of our swimmers carried off individual trophies for performances throughout the season year in year out.

The swimming set-up at the club backed by a booming school has been the envy of all other clubs. Head coach Gail Rizzo, assisted by coaches Monique Mangion, Edward Caruana Dingli and other instructors have been working meticulously to groom a host of swimmers who are constantly breaking national and age-group records.

At the beck and call of the technical team there is also Neville Pace, the administrative brains behind the club’s swimming set-up.

As usual, the swimmers were divided into three categories for males and females, with classifications for open, junior and cadets sections. Our athletes practically made a clean sweep when topping all the individual lists but one.

The swimmers were recently presented with the trophies and the team aggregeate shield for the season by Mark Galea, ASA vice-president and chairman of the asoociation’s swimming board.

No doubt, it has been a bonanza season on all fronts for Neptunes WPSC.

The total number of swimmers who scored points was 59 males and 58 females.

Male Winners:

Open: 1. Andrea Agius (Sliema) 2. Edward Caruana Dingli (Neptunes) 3. Mark Sammut (Neptunes)
Juniors: 1. Michael Umnov (Neptunes) 2. Julian Harding (Neptunes) 3. Matthew Galea (Sliema)
Cadets: 1. Neil Muscat (Neptunes) 2. Philip Baldacchino Caruana (Neptunes) 3. Jordan Calleja (Sliema)

Female Winners:

Open: 1. Nicola Muscat (Neptunes) 2. Shanice Cassar (Neptunes)
3. Rhea Cutajar (Neptunes)
Juniors: 1. Michaela Millo (Neptunes) 2. Pia Grech (Neptunes) 3. Martina Spiteri Bailey (Neptunes)
Cadets: 1. Amy Micallef (Neptunes) 2. Andrea Bellia (Neptunes) 3. Michelle Azzopardi (Neptunes)

Club Aggregate Shield: 1. Neptunes WPSC 2. Sliema ASC 3. Sirens ASC. The other clubs were Inspire and SW Elite.