Neptunes Summer Camp 2022

The camp runs from 4th July to 16th September with one week break from 15th to 21st August.

As was the case in summer 2022 we are offering the 3 week option, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Drop off is between 8.15-8.30am and collection is from 1.30-1.45pm. Following a very successful and fun summer camp in 2021 Neptunes WPSC hope to carry on with our strong tradition of nurturing children and young adults into well balanced individuals through sport and other activities. The summer school will offer what we believe is a well-balanced curriculum of water and land based physical activities, as well as mentally challenging and interesting experiences which will further develop their young minds. Early mornings will mainly be reserved for external physical activities, while in the late morning and early afternoon the children will be indoors, out of the hot sun. Swimming lessons form a strong basis of the school with a minimum of two swim classes guaranteed every week for each child.

  • Swimming lessons minimum of 2 times a week;
  • Football, baseball and other land activities;
  • Visits to fun Heritage Malta sites incl. Esplora;
  • Cooking lessons;
  • Baseketball lessons and games;
  • Beach sports;
  • Visits to local factories, incl. food manufacturing, traditional gbejna making,
  • Arts and crafts;
  • Pottery
  • Bowling;
  • Movies and documentaries.

The school will cater for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old and children will be split into groups of  6 to 10 kids, based on their age. A detailed summer program will be circulated a few weeks before the start of the term, with a number of drop off and pick up points in the Pembroke and St.Julian’s areas. We will stick to the weekly drop off and collection points over the entire summer not to confuse matters, but this does not mean weekly activities will not vary from week to week.

Kindly complete the registration form below to register your child.