Summer 2024

Monday 1st July till Friday 28th September at the Neptunes Swimming pool Balluta Bay, with Coaches Gail Rizzo and Monique Mangion.

Holidays: Santa Maria Break - No lessons will be held between Monday 12th and Sunday 18th August (both days included).
Public Holiday: No lessons will be held on Sunday 8th September.

The main objective of the swim fit school is to promote fitness and health in adults by offering and supporting swimmers, some of whom might be athletes aspiring to take any water-sport like swimming, water-polo, triathlon, etc. more seriously. Participants will be split into groups mainly according to their ability. How far you go with swim fit is up to you. The broad objectives are better health, learning the correct technique, getting fit, and friendship between swimmers. Coaches Gail Rizzo and Monique Mangion will cover technique development across all four strokes as well as fitness sessions, that will be tailored to the abilities of the swimmers involved.

The swimming courses will be split as follows:

This is for swimmers who want to learn how to swim, without any aid.

This course is aimed at swimmers who know how to swim confidently, but want to learn the basic strokes like free-style, breaststroke and back-stroke. Swimmers will learn to be more confident in the water, and will also learn to improve the proper breathing techniques.

Swimmers who have some swimming background and have basic skills. Programmes to further progressions to increase fitness, endurance and improve overall technique.

Swimmers who have a strong swimming background and proficient in stroke technique. Specific programmes for more intensive endurance work to increase fitness levels and improve overall technique. This level is advised for, ex competitive swimmers, open water swimmers, triathletes, and all year-round swimmers.

During the first lessons, coaches will assess the swimmer’s abilities required for the group that they have registered in. If the coaches feel that a swimmer is in the wrong group level, in the interest of the swimmer him/herself, we will change his/her Group level as necessary in order to maximize his/her learning capabilities.

Swimmers will need the following equipment – swim cap, goggles, hand paddles, pull buoy and fins/flipper.


At the Neptunes Swimming Pool


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6am, 7am or 8am
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 6am7am or 4.30pm
  • Sunday at 7am


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6am, 7am or 8am
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 7am or 4.30pm
  • Sunday at 7am or 8am


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6am or 7am
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 7am
  • Sunday at 8am


  • Sunday at 8am
Due to limited space, it is important that swimmers stick to the slots they have registered as much as possible.

Fees for the Summer Term – 12 weeks

1 session per week 2 sessions per week 3 sessions per week 4 sessions per week single session
€120 €205 €260 €295 €12

Private one to one session by appointment.

Further information regarding the Masters Swimming may be obtained by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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